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Post Deadline Membership

New Members:  Please contact the Kaweah Basin Water Quality Association for the Post Deadline Enrollment Application by calling (559) 302-1620 or email After August 6, 2014, all late landowners or operators requesting to join the KBWQA are also required to submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) to the Regional Water Quality Control Board, incurring additional fees. Instructions for post-deadline enrollment and supporting membership application documents are provided below under “Become a Member.”

Completing the NOI:
  1. Contact the KBWQA for the Post Deadline Enrollment Application. Telephone: (559) 302-1620; Email:
  2. Upon receipt of the completed application and membership fee, the KBWQA will issue you a conditional Membership Identification (ID) number. Once you receive your conditional ID number, proceed to Step 3.
  3. Complete the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI).  In the drop down menu, next to “Applicable to Irrigated Lands in the,” select “Kaweah Basin Water Quality Association.”
    1. Parcel numbers and the KBWQA Membership ID number will be needed to complete this eNOI. Please note, the Regional Board charges a fee for this required application, separate from KBWQA membership fees.
  4. Once submitted, the Regional Board will review your eNOI, verify KBWQA enrollment, and issue a Notice of Applicability to you. Once you receive confirmation from the Regional Board, the KBWQA will convert your membership from conditional to full membership status.

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