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KBWQA Overview

The Kaweah Basin Water Quality Association (KBWQA) submitted an application to the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board in order to serve as the third-party representing grower members in the Kaweah Basin under the General Order R5-2013-0120. On February 7, 2014, the KBWQA received a Notice of Applicability (NOA) from the Board, confirming the KBWQA as an approved third-party. Current member participation in the Kaweah River Sub-Watershed has been transitioned to the Kaweah Basin Water Quality Association.

Board of Directors

  • Rick Borges, Chairman
  • Dave Martin, Vice Chairman
  • Jeff Ritchie, Secretary
  • John Gailey, Treasurer
  • Ron Clark
  • Dave Hengst
  • Matt Hutcheson
  • James Silva
  • Dale West

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